Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pot and Cigerettes, why are we such Hypocrites?


I read this somewhere earlier this week in the newspaper, and i couldn't help but agree with the author. When it comes to Marijuana smoking ( also known as Pot), the Liberal Left thinking people are argueing and fighting like crazy to get it legalized here in this Country, yet these same people are fighting like crazy to get rid of cigerettes. You want smokes banned and pot legalized.

Does this make sense to you? Because it makes absolutely NO sense to me what so ever. Both are green leaf plants that produce smoke and fumes, that damage your lungs and your brain, yet you want to legalize the illigal one and criminalize the legal one. Have we all stuck our heads up our behinds lately? Because it smells like dung to me.

And what happens when they DO legalize Pot? Will the same restrictions be placed on businesses who sell it as are placed on Cigerettes now? Will they have to hide it behind closed doors lest young children may see it? Will the packaging have to be labelled with warning signs and pictures of rotten teeth and lungs like smokes are now? Or will there be no restrictions anywhere near like what smoke sellers have to go through.

What about Restaurants and Bars? Will they be allowed to have people smoking Pot in their establishments? What about outside on the patio's? Or will we have people outside (at least 30ft away from the doorway) toking up everywhere?

What about having a toke in your own apartment? Will that be taboo just like having a smoke is now if you live in an apartment? Somebody up on the 3rd floor may get a whiff of your second hand pot smoke and complain that your smoking is making them high, and killing their lungs.

We will have to wait and see if the non pot smokers complain about second hand smoke coming from someone smoking a joint nearby.

It will be interesting to see if when pot becomes legalized (and it will) if the non smokers try to get it banned, just like they are trying to get smoking banned. Lets legalize pot so we can ban it. The smoke from one cannot be better than the smoke from another. Now that will be a very interesting thing to watch. Lets see if they put as much zeal into that fight. At least i have something to laugh about.

Ahh... to hell with it. Lets smoke a joint.

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